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Dedication begins with you because, at ABB, you can make your mark with great ideas.

In my eight years with ABB I have been given many fantastic career opportunities. One of my favorite moments took place about four years ago during a discussion with my manager. I told him there should be a person responsible for integrating and harmonizing different solutions across all of our global HR processes. After a time he came back to me and said, “You’re right. That person should be you.” His response told me that I am listened to, that my ideas can change the organization and have a positive impact.

I am now the global service manager responsible for IT solutions within HR, leading a dedicated team of 30 fantastic, passionate and highly skilled SAP experts. Recently, we had to standardize the way employee data is collected and utilized across nine global processes in more than 80 countries. Looking back, our effort was very rewarding both in terms of experience and tangible benefits for the company. I find such challenges very satisfying, and they inspire me to look for even bigger and better ways to improve the way we work.

My job is very stimulating and dynamic. I like the intensity, but I am also the mother of two children, with a third on the way. ABB is a very supportive employer, and gives me the flexibility to have a career and also care for my family. It basically comes down to the company culture. Results are what matter; where and when I do my work is less important. 

Kamila 01

ABB is a very supportive employer, and gives me the flexibility to have a career and also care for my family.

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Global Domain Service Manager for HR
Krakow, Poland

Service Management for ABB HR software solutions

Kamila has worked for ABB since 2008 and has built a very distinguished career moving from a specialist position to project management and line management roles. She is now the global service manager for IT solutions in Human Resources across ABB. Her goal is to provide user-friendly tools that support strategic, tactical and operational HR decisions. Kamila graduated with a Master’s degree in international business management. She enjoys traveling and spending time with her family.

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