It begins with you

Networking Enthusiast


It begins with you

Networking Enthusiast

Achievement begins with you because, at ABB, you are encouraged to move ahead.

I always wanted to work for a big international company. After getting my master’s, I looked for opportunities in the business-to-business environment because I thought it would be more interesting, more of a challenge. I really liked ABB from the start – not just the way it was set up and its products, but the bigger challenges the company was tackling – so I was very happy to get accepted as a graduate trainee.

That was less than two years ago, and now I’m a full-time product manager. The fact I have already had assignments in Japan and Norway says a lot about what’s important here: getting exposed to and learning about daily operations and customers, and of course building relationships that strengthen our business and drive our success. I work closely with a service network that consists of 100 service stations in 50 countries. My job stands or falls with teamwork. The work is much easier when I have a personal connection with my colleagues, no matter where they are. Turbocharging has a special environment, too, because a lot of people have worked here for quite some time. You really rely on everyone to share their personal insight and experience, and they do.

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I enjoy the contact with our network, knowing we all have the same goal.

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Global Service Business Development
Baden, Switzerland

Managing service agreements for ABB turbocharging    

Jasmin joined the Swiss ABB Trainee Program in 2013. She spent a six-month international rotation in Japan, as a project manager for solar power plants. Upon her return to Switzerland, Jasmin began working with a business unit in ABB Turbocharging and today continues as a global service agreement product manager. Jasmin shares her enthusiasm for her job outside the office, as both an ABB ambassador and an active member of Femtec, the international initiative that supports women in research and technology.