It begins with you

Enthusiastic Team Player


It begins with you

Enthusiastic Team Player

Growth begins with you because, at ABB, good work starts with good people.

I’ve just started working at ABB Krakow, and was impressed from the beginning by the friendly way the managers greeted us. Before I started, I asked my friends who already worked here about the company and received very positive comments. They liked the open atmosphere and said ABB really cares about its employees, and I can now confirm this is a great place to work. It’s an exciting time for me, full of great opportunities to learn and develop. Which is perfect, because I like challenges. 

I will be working in the finance department, in accounts payable, and am now participating in training and brainstorming sessions with my new colleagues. There are about 20 people in my department, and all of us have worked in different environments, countries and companies. I value the diversity and fantastic ideas everybody brings to the table. Good work begins with good people and I like connecting with them wherever they are - in the same office, on the phone or on the other side of the world, reading my emails. It makes my life richer. My contribution will be to work hard and make sure our clients are happy and satisfied. 

I look forward to working in the new Global Business Services Center in Krakow. I enjoy travelling, but I studied here and fell in love with the city; it’s a magical and romantic place. It’s great to have an opportunity to work here – this is definitely the right place for me.

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It’s an exciting time for me, full of great opportunities to learn and develop.

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Finance Specialist
Krakow, Poland

ABB Global Business Services Accounts Payable  

Malgorzata has a strong background in finance, law and the humanities. She has worked in various roles in public administration and with an international company. She loves challenging assignments, whether they involve answering complex questions about corporate finance or making tough decisions. When she is not working, she enjoys exploring Krakow and dancing, which is her passion and number one source of energy.